Drug Calculator

An electronic drug infusion calculator is now live on the CATS website. Once the patient’s weight is entered, the calculator automatically calculates the dose of common drugs used as intravenous infusions during the stabilisation of a sick child. This can then be printed off for use during an acute resuscitation. The drug calculator has been designed following extensive input from the Great Ormond Street Hospital PICU Pharmacist and approval by the hospital Drugs & Therapeutics Committee.

The main features of the calculator are:

  • Once printed, can be used as a valid NHS prescription chart (conforms to Academy of Royal Colleges standards).
  • Only weight and DOB required to calculate all drug doses
  • In-built intelligence to automatically modify doses and infusion rates for age and weight bands as well as standard drug concentrations, validate input weight against age, and hide infusions that do not apply to the patient (e.g. prostaglandin in a teenager).

Access the electronic calculator here