Neurosurgical transfers

As per national guidance, CATS expect that children with a time-critical neurosurgical emergency (where urgent craniotomy is indicated as a life-saving procedure) are transferred by the referring hospital team. Rapid transfer by the local team ensures that the child reaches the regional neurosurgical centre as quickly as possible, without waiting for a retrieval team to be despatched.

Management pathway for a suspected neurosurgical emergency
  1. Identify early that the child has a neurosurgical emergency (e.g. extradural haematoma on CT scan or signs of raised intracranial pressure with hydrocephalus).[break][break]
  2. Refer patient urgently to regional paediatric neurosurgeon (Great Ormond Street Hospital in North Thames or Addenbrookes Hospital in East of England) or to CATS.[break][break]
  3. If the patient is first referred to CATS, we will teleconference the appropriate neurosurgeon immediately.[break][break]
  4. CATS will arrange a PICU bed at relevant centre and provide advice to the local transfer team.[break]