In-house Education & Training

CATS have a multi-disciplinary team consisting of 10 PICU fellows/registrars, 3 Advanced Nurse Practitioners, 6 permanent retrieval nurses and 25 rotational nurses from our regional paediatric intensive care units (Great Ormond Street, St Mary’s and Royal Brompton Hospitals). All staff participate in an extensive in-house CATS education & training programme which includes:

  • Structured induction for medical and nursing staff
  • Supervised land and air-based retrievals until trainee able to perform retrievals under remote supervision
  • Ongoing update days for all staff including ambulance technicians
  • Twice weekly multi-disciplinary teaching sessions
  • Formal logbook of retrieval competencies
  • Regular appraisal and competencies sign-off
  • Annual mandatory updates and regular supervised retrievals
  • Mandatory APLS courses

    In addition, CATS staff attend the PICU education and training program at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), contribute to the GOSH Modular Teaching Program and participate in monthly North Thames PICU Core Curriculum Study Days.[break]