Nursing staff

A team of full-time CATS nurses are responsible for service delivery, co-ordination of the outreach education program and in-house training.

CATS Co-ordinator

Eithne Polke

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

The most senior clinical nursing staff and all have an MSc in Paediatric Critical Care / Advanced Nursing Practice. They function at a level similar to the clinical fellows and are able to lead the retrieval team.

Mark Clement (ANP)

Cathy Roberts (ANP)

Emma Sturgess (ANP)

Nursing Staff

The service is provided by 5 full time CATS nurses and 50 CATS trained nurses who provide sessional commitments from either Great Ormond Street Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital or Royal Brompton Hospital.

Alison Clayton-Payne

Beverley Halverson Steele

Leanne Branighan

Gail Murphy

Helen Drennan