Medical Staff


The CATS service is a consultant-led service. A team of consultants is responsible for service delivery, supervision of junior medical staff, provision of outreach education and service development. All CATS consultants are trained in paediatric intensive care (PICU), and come from paediatric as well as anaesthetic backgrounds. All CATS consultants also work in various PICUs in London or in paediatric anaesthesia to maintain competencies in their base speciality.

Speciality Lead: 

Dr Daniel Lutman (CATS & paediatric anaesthesia at Royal London Hospital)


Dr Daniel Lutman (CATS & Paediatric Anaesthesia at Royal London Hospital)

Dr P Ramnarayan (CATS & PICU at St Mary’s Hospital, London)

Dr Richard Paget (CATS & Cardiac Intensive Care at Great Ormond Street Hospital)

Dr Elise Randle (CATS & PICU at Great Ormond Street Hospital)

Dr Linda Chigaru (CATS & Paediatric Anaesthesia at Great Ormond Street Hospital)

Sessional Commitments:

Dr Joe Brierley (Great Ormond Street Hospital PICU & CATS)

Dr Andy Petros (Great Ormond Street Hospital PICU & CATS)

Dr Mark Peters (Great Ormond Street Hospital PICU & CATS)


Clinical Fellows:

10 clinical fellows provide the junior medical rota.  7 clinical fellows rotate from Great Ormond Street Hospital and St Mary’s Hospitals as part of their PICU training; 3 posts are 6-month CATS posts into which senior PICU and anaesthetic trainees are appointed.

If you interested in a post at CATS, please contact us. Details are provided on the ‘Working at CATS’ section of this website.